360° Social Media Consultant

SMMS social media marketing services are different from those offered by most companies purporting skills in online promotion due to our extensive history in both the use and the functionality of computer technologies. Most promotional companies can provide clients with a fast, brief period of increased online exposure. SMMS differ in this regard, priding ourselves on our ability to drive powerful, sustained engagement between your website and social media. We achieve this by co-adapting the social practices of your business and those of your customers. By incorporating aspects of a digital lifestyle in the day to day practices of a business, it is simple to promote an image of innovation, quality and social conscience.

Rather than driving forced social media engagement, SMMS aims to discover how we can connect the every day social realities of your business with your customers. In doing so there is no need to generate content- the content generates itself. Unlike substandard marketers we do not try to give social media the impression that there is a conversation being had about your business- we take it upon ourselves to enable this conversation to actually happen. This is the true advantage of social media as a marketing tool, and it is in acknowledgment of the goals this understanding of social media creates that SMMS sets itself apart from other marketers. We are experienced professionals who live media.

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